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Syd Dixon our 2016 "Legend"


Born in Inverell NSW 1921, one of 5 children. Syd’s father was a horse trainer and Syd was a apprentice Jockey for him, he finished his Jockey apprenticeship in 3months.


He left school at 14 and took up training as a baker, working at night and helping his father train horses during the day.


Syd had his first dog at 17 – too young to hold a licence, he lied about his age by 12months to get the licence. He won races in and around the Grafton area, His first winner was in 1938, With greyhound named ‘Emminent’


Syd joined the army at about age 22 and was sent to Papua New Guinea. He was four years in the army where he cooked in the officers Mess. After he returned he got straight back into greyhound training.


Syd came to Canberra in 1948 initially to train greyhounds for a owner called Hammond. Syd brought one greyhound with him. syd remembers having 20 pound on his dog, He placed his bet with a Mr George Hately who said “I’ll do the best for you son”. When he won the bookmaker told him he had got him odds of 5-2 and also added in 20pound to feed the dog. This was his first win in Queanbeyan, just one of many more to come.


Syd worked for Canberra Roads & Bridges for over 40 years. Syd was well known for taking dogs that others couldn’t get going. One example was ‘Chalkers Choice’, a giveaway that went on to win many races at Queanbeyan and also the Harden/Murrumburrah Cup.


In the early days Syd lived in Narrabundah, but eventually he was able to get a small farm on Wickerslack Lane in Queanbeyan. He is fond of saying that this property was bought from his good fortune with the greyhounds. He has had many greyhounds over the years, with varying degrees of success, he has always retained his interest in both horses and greyhounds – in fact he had his last greyhound only 3 – 4 years ago at age 90.


He’s stories of his life experiences are the stuff of legends and he is always has a yarn for anyone with a willing ear, he has had a very full and interesting life – you could write a book of his many anecdotes about the people and places he has seen and thats why Canberra has made him our 2016 "Legend".



2016 Pub Challenge



This year our Pubs Challenge will be held on the 29th May 2016 The Legends Final night. The Legends event is a yearly event where we recognise someone in our Industry who has made a difference. On the 22nd May 2016 we will be running heats in our yearly "The Legends" event.


Each Pub pays $500 to enter the challenge, totalling $4,000. Each Pub who has entered the challenge, will be drawn a greyhound from the final field. The Pub who has the greyhound who wins the final on the 29th May 2016, gets $1,500. The remainder $2,500 will be donated to Black Mountain School.


This year we wish to thank the following Pubs making the challenge for this worthwhile cause:


Queanbeyan Hotel

Australian Hotel Yass

Kaleen Bar & Bistro

Jerrabomberra Tavern

Moby Dicks

Murrumbateman Country Inn

Queanbeyan RSL Bowling Club

Fraser Family Inn